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Outreach & Educational Projects

Outreach & Educational Projects

MusicMath - The Symphony of Learning




The Symphony of Learning

I co-founded MusicMath in México, in 2013, with my brother Eric Roldán Roa. 

At the EAPRIL 2019 Conference in Estonia, we won the Best Research & Practice Award.


Outreach Group OSU


Popularisation of Mathematics

In 2019, at The Ohio State University I founded BAMM! Buckeye Aha! Math Moments. This outreach initiative is supported by the Mathematics Advisory Board, the Department of Mathematics, and the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Division.

BAMM! increases the public awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of mathematics through a variety of activities, periodic events, and long-term outreach projects.

We reach out to the general public of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, economic situation, and educational backgrounds, regardless of whether they already have an interest in math or not.

We design and implement workshops, talks, exhibitions, hands-on activities, and other formats of popularization and outreach of mathematics-related activities.


Beyond the Classroom


Exploring Math... beyond

Beyond the Classroom is a non-residential summer program sponsored by the OSU Department of Mathematics. It invites middle and high school students to explore math through engaging activities outside of textbooks, like experimentations and computations.

In a supportive atmosphere led by a staff of enthusiastic math professionals, participants build confidence in their math and programming abilities, and develop a deeper understanding of a variety of topics, including mathematical and algorithmic reasoning and problem solving skills.

We especially encourage female and gender nonconforming students to apply.

The program is enchanced by monthly workshops and seeks to maintain the interest sparked in former camp attendees.




10 Years of Maths for Everyone

In 2011, I was one of the co-founders of Matemorfosis.

This year, the pogram is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Matemorfosis is the outreach initiative of the Center for Research in Mathematics (CIMAT), México. Each year, it offers thousands of Mexicans from all parts of society to experience the excitement of mathematics.


Matemorfosis invites the people to CIMAT and goes out to kindergarten, schools and universities as well as to markets and squares. Thus, promoting a scientific and a mathematical culture in
a broad public.

Talks, Workshops & Exhibitions (selected)

The Music Math Methodology: Fractions Ensemble

Workshops for Students and Teachers (June 2021)

EuroMath and EuroScience 2021, Cyprus


Creating tons of holes

Talk (Aug 2020)

FundaPromat (online)


Art Gallery Problem with Rook and Queen Vision

Workshop (Mar 2019)

Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, USA


Platonic and Achimedian Solids

Workshop for k5 students (Feb 2019)

Red Oak Community School, Columbus, USA


Drawing Stars Polygons

Workshop (Apr 2018)

Julia Robinson Math Festival, Columbus, USA


Mayan arithmetic workshop

Workshop given at three different High Schools (Dec 2016)

Sponsored by ICERM, Brown University, USA


Puzzles with Dominoes

Science Workshop for Elementary School Students (Oct 2012)

CIMAT, Guanajuato, México


Prime numbers and Goldbach conjecture

Tree-day Workshop (Jan 2012)

Benito-Juarez mid-school, Guanajuato, México


Recreational Mathematics is Creative Mathematics

Talk at Workshop 10th anniversary of Matemorfosis (Apr 2021)

CIMAT, México (online)


Hands-on Exhibition of BAMM OSU outreach group

Hands-on exhibition for a general public (2019)

COSI Science Festival Ohio, USA


Polyominoes with Maximally Many Holes

Workshop (Mar 2019)

Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, USA


Mathematics and Architecture

Workshop (Dec 2018)

Kreativno Pero High School, Belgrade, Serbia


Tower of Hanoi

Workshop for mid-school students (July 2017)

Science Summer, CIMAT, Guanajuato, México


Dominoes: a combinatorial approach

Network of Elementary Education Annual Meeting

Leon, México (Dec 2012)


Mathematics and Magic Show

Workshop (Feb 2012)

Mathematical Festival, México City, México


Shongos: a graph theoretic approach

Three-day Workshop (Sep 2011)

Benito-Juarez mid-school, Guanajuato, México


Talks, Workshops & Exhibitions
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